Pollutant Transport around a Landform

1. Running the case

The command line to run this case is

mpirun -np 4 feelpp_toolbox_solid --case "github:{repo:toolbox,path:examples/modules/csm/examples/rotating-winch}"

2. Data files

The case data files are available in Github here

3. Geometry

  • describe briefly the geometry

  • upload CAD file if available

  • add image(s) here of the geometry via upload

4. Input parameters

  • describe the input parameters

4.1. Model & Toolbox

  • describe briefly the model

  • toolbox: give toolbox name

4.2. Materials

describe materials

4.3. Boundary conditions

describe set of boundary conditions

5. Outputs

describe the output set of the example

5.1. Fields

add scalar vectorial and matricial fields to be visualized

5.2. Measures

add measures e.g. scalar quantities, mean.min,max values, norms, error norms, performance metrics

6. Benchmark

this section is filled only for benchmark cases.

Describe Benchmark type: - Verification - Validation - Performance

Describe synthetic (verification) or experimental (validation) data set or performance metrics (performance) against which the Feel++ toolbox will be benchmarked

7. References

articles, papers, reports…​
  • add any article in pdf or html links related to the example

  • [REF001] authors…​, title, …​ journal,…​ year…​