CFD Simulations using Feel++

First year internhip at the Centre de Modélisation et de simulation de Strasbourg

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Supervized by
Vincent Chabannes, Romain Hild & Christophe Prud'homme

From June 8th 2020 to August 7th 2020

The internship is a follow-up of a semester project. The report is available here.

1. Objectives

The objectives are to study various flows with Feel++.

1.1. Plotting results

To plot the results, javascript API is used within Antora. Examples are shown here and the code is here and edit the page to see the actual javascript.

To enable support on a page, edit the .adoc file and add at the top

:page-plotly: true

1.2. Comparing with the results

The results obtained with Feel++ are compared with the results in the articles. To do so, we use Web plot digitizer to retrieve the data from articles and enable comparing with our own results.

2. An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics

We propose an introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to define

  • the equations at play

  • the boundary conditions

  • the parameters

in order to establish the benchmarks objectives.


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  • [zheng-2019] Forces and flow around three side-by-side square cylinders, Qinmin Zheng, Md. Mahbub Alam, October 2019 Wind and Structures An International Journal 29(1):1-13 DOI: 10.12989/was.2019.29.1.001 Download PDF

  • [abbasi-2019] Proximity Effects on Characteristics of Flow around Three Inline Square Cylinders, Waqas Sarwar Abbasi, Shams Ul Islam, and Hamid Rahman3, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2019 |Article ID 1752803 | 14 pages |