Graphical interface accessing polymap device


Reconstruction application given slopes and possibly phase; intensity and contrast

We use json string to describe requests and responses to/from the server. The json strings are sent via Boost.asio between the client and server. The json strings have a type to describe the kind of message: for example we could renitialize the server with new image dimension and grid.

The sequence diagram below shows the Client-Server communication sequence.

Guideline to select the type of Thermal Analysis
Figure 1. Guideline to select the type of Thermal Analysis

1. API

The api can be setup in json and accessible via a web server using for example:

The second seems simpler to setup and maintain and is based on Boost::asio. In both cases, json is supported as a format for the data to be exchanged.

2. Test client

In order to test the client/server API for polymap, we develop a simple client graphical interface using Dear Imgui.

This simple client will gather

  • the initialisation options

  • the study options