Serial control

One of our objective is to be used our applicaion in serial control. It consists to test \mathbf{n} surfaces with the same main caracteristics ( size, areas of interest, …​ ) and obtain the different results as quiclky as possible.

In this case, our original application isn’t optimal, by the fact we rebuilt all the elements necessary for the resolution at each measure.

As the main caracteristics will be the same for the \mathbf{n} surfaces, we can factorize several part and built it at the beginning of the application, and reuse them each time we need them. We can then write the algorithm as

- Mesh built
- Function space built
- Left side equation assembly
- for each case
     - Right side equation assembly
     - Resolution
     - Export

At the moment, a prototype is operational and can be used for time comparaison.

Here are the actual restriction in place

  • The number of cases is defined by the option nbcase

  • Each set of hbf files is named the same follow by the case number ( Ex : Dxsurface12 is for the twelfth case )