Transient Analysis

  • power failure

    • matrix exponential

powerfailure enables simulations of transients (ie. power failure) using expokit

  • implicit/explicit euler

transient_ida enables simulations of transients (ie. power failure) using Sundials IDA lib. Available options are

 --init=STRING            set init_current filename
 --output=STRING          set output filename
 --input=STRING           load input filename
 --save=STRING            save input data to filename
 --solver=INT             activate solver (0: dense, 1:gmres, 2:tfqmr)
 --params=STRING          load solver params from file
 --verbose                activate verbose mode
 --quench                 activate quench mode (add quench resistance to supra
 --aubert                 activate aubert init. current calculation mode
 --screen=INT             add screen definition
 --burnout=STRING         index of the bitter external magnet with a short-circuit (i j)
 --shorted_in_series      bitter external magnet(s) with a short-circuit are in series (0: false by default)
 --tolerance=DOUBLE       specify Optimaly tolerance (default is 1.0e-4)
 --grid_size=STRING       set grid size of B calculation (r0 r1 z0 z1)
 --grid_dim=STRING        set grid dim of B calculation (n_r n_z)
 --ascii                  ascii write mode for ensight
 --induct_file=STRING     save/load inductances from file
 --fz_file=STRING         save/load forces from file
 --num_integ=INT          specify num_integ size (default 100)
 --num_eval=INT           specify num_eval size (default 100)
 --no_ensight             disable output for ensight
 --omp_off                turn off openm
  • critical scenario: bitter burnout