1. Getdp Axisymetric models

Modeling with getdp relies on:

To actually run a simulation, you would also need:

  • a geometry mesh file: helix.geo,

  • a file describing the properties of the materials, the boundary conditions and postprocessing:

1.1. Running the simulation

Install gmsh and getdp. Download the files needed to run the simulation. Then run the following command:

gmsh -2 -bin helix.geo
getdp -m helix.msh -solve MagDyn_t_av_Axi -pos Map_av U_av
Depending on your installation, you may need to add an extra option to gmsh when generating the mesh that will be used by getdp. If you have an error message when running getdp please specify the format of the mesh with -format msh3.

1.2. Postprocessing

gnuplot> load "I_vs_t.cmd"
The command file for gnuplot may be found here.
gmsh testMagDyn_a.pos

2. Computing Self and Mutual Inductances

3. Solving Electric circuit model