1. End of March

  • Beginning of the project, contact with Christophe Trophime and Christophe Prudhomm to talk about the topic (2h)

  • Installation and configuration of ressources needed for the project (2h)

2. April

  • 01/04 : Writing the introduction and context of the project (4h)

  • Reading of bibliographical sources about the Maxwell’s equations (3h)

  • 07/04 : Writing the Maxwell quasi-static modeling (2h30)

  • Writing the roadmap, expected time for each steps, and bibliography (2h)

  • 14/04 : Report V0

  • 17/04 : Writing the variational formulation of the MQS model (3h)

  • End of April : Discretisation selection, solver selection (4h)

3. May

  • Beginning of May : Learning and appropriation of coding under feel++ (8h)

  • Implementation of the model under feel++, unit test development (22h)

  • Code verification on test cases and possibles corrections (10h)

  • 19/05 : Report V1 (8h)

  • Last verification and validation (6h)

  • 29/05 : Report final version (6h)

  • Writing the presentation (6h)