1. Overview of the applications

The Ocular Mathematical Virtual Simulator is available on the MSO4SC Portal (portal.mso4sc.eu).

The user requirements are illustrated in this section and a detailed presentation of the graphical user interface is available here. Video 1 briefly shows how to launch our first Eye2Brain application on the MSO4SC Portal.

Video 1: how to run an Eye2Brain application

2. How to visualize the simulation results

We describe now how to visualize the results. The online visualization tool checks new data on the server each 5 minutes. A detailed explaination of the online visualization tool is available here.

Briefly, the user has to connect to the eye2brain.feelpp.org/ website and select one of the two app available: OMVS View App or OMVS Compare App.

The first one shows the user the simulation results of the selected assessment of one patient as shown in Video 2.

Video 2: OMVS View App tutorial

The second app allows the user to compare two different assessments of the same patient at different dates or two different patients. The tutorial of how to use this feature is presented by Video 3.

Video 3: OMVS Compare App tutorial