Benchmark : drying out of a layer

Before trying to imrpove our application to make it works for every cases, we look at another benchmark, which has an analytical solution. The description and the results can be found on this page.

In this benchmark, the temperature is constant, and therefore at each step we just have to solve the moisture equation. To make the application know that it don’t have to solve the heat equation, we implemented an option hm.heat that we set to false at the execution (the option hm.moisture make the same thing for moisture equation, but we don’t need it for this case).

The command to run the simulation is :

mpirun -np 6 ./feelpp_hm_heat_moisture --config-file cases/drying-layer/drying-layer.cfg --ts.time-step=3600 --ts.time-final=3600000 --hm.export=all --hm.heat=false --hm.picard=true

The values of the coefficients are different of the first benchmark, and there are less of them. To make the dinstinction in the code, we added macros around the lines about the previous case, which is not the best thig to do. The next part of the internship is to improve the code, in order to make the application work with a JSON file.